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Sell Bitcoin and cash out using PayPal

PayPal is a very popular payment method and hundreds of thousands of people are using it all around the world for transferring funds online. But it only supports fiat currencies. On the other hand, Bitcoin has become a reality now and millions of people are investing in it. Therefore there is a constant buzz that how come people sell Bitcoin and receive funds in a PayPal account. This is by far the most popular way to quickly convert bitcoin to dollar. Our platform is offering some of the best and working methods to make you able to sell your Bitcoins for PayPal money at the best competitive exchange rates. The process of cashing out bitcoin to PayPal is quite easy and simple. First of all, you should have a PayPal account so you could receive the cash into it. Secondly, a digital wallet holding a few bitcoins. Now you can sell bitcoin for cash and collect it to your PayPal account. This can be done without paying a huge transaction fee, unlike other websites.

liquidate 1 btc to usd for instant cash payout

In more than a hundred countries, we are supporting PayPal to buy and sell bitcoin. Here, there are dozens of methods to purchase bitcoin online, like with your credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. The first concern of any investor or buyer is the quick and secured services one desires to have as no one wants to wait for days to transfer cryptocurrencies to fiat or get bitcoin with money. Now you can do anonymous trade without going through a long process of registration and verification. Different exchanges end up adding hidden costs which are not made known at first and shrink your profit margin. We bring the latest market rates in real-time and always provide the best selling price for your bitcoins. In the volatile realm of digital assets, using a trustworthy and well-established platform is inevitable.


Best Ways to Sell BTC For Cash

Many people in the world, having a digital wallet and bitcoins in it, search for a trustworthy online exchange platform every day. Not just a digital marketplace but one that too lets you do anonymous transactions and receive funds via any of the desired payment methods nearby. But the hard reality is that people end up going astray and failing to find any accurate guidance for getting started with it. To solve this problem, I am going to share in detail how you can sell Bitcoin for cash, anonymously and safely.


Sell bitcoin for cash near me

Our official exchange website called Bitcoinscashout is the best online bitcoin exchange that we will be using. Well, you might have thought that I would take the names of some overrated names in this industry. Ok, you are right in the first place. But the problem is that many of them come up with different sorts of pros and cons. Few of them limit the amount of bitcoin that you wish to turn to cash, or in some cases amid peak times, they even restrict the number of traders. They also charge a huge amount of fees depending upon the size and location of your transaction. Besides, they require you to go through a long process of registration and verification to get started. This puts an end to your anonymity. So these are the few considerations that encourage people to sell bitcoin for cash and convert Bitcoin to cash that too anonymously. Yes, you can do this without disclosing your information. Another reason is that a wide variety of payment options are available and one can receive funds in over 100+ local fiat currencies.


Payment Options

You can get paid using any of your desired payment methods. Currently, it supports over 40+ different payments across the world. A few of them are mentioned: PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Western Union, Money Gram, Direct Bank Deposit, Skrill, Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Wire, Perfect Money, and Nettler, etc.


Fiat Currencies

You can cash out bitcoin to any international currency no matter where you are. There is a big list of fiat currencies available to pay or get paid during bitcoin transactions. A few of them are following.

1: BTC to USD

2: BTC to EUR

3: BTC to SEK

4: BTC to SAR

5: BTC to PKR

6: BTC to INR

7: BTC to AUD

8: BTC to CAD

9: BTC to HKD

10: BTC to BND

11: BTC to IDR

12: BTC to JOD

13: BTC to KWD

14: BTC to NZD

15: BTC to CHF


Withdrawal Time

It is your go-to platform for instant conversions. The transactions are processed very quickly and fast, usually within an hour.


Anonymous Conversion

The best part about this online exchange is that it lets you turn your bitcoins anonymously.  There is no requirement for a long registration process and other barriers to converting your cryptocurrency to physical cash. This privacy feature takes it to a whole new level in the world of digital brokers.

Note:  As this service supports over 100+ countries, so you can anytime convert your digital currency to cash anywhere in the world. It is always near you.


How do I easily buy and sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are straightforward to sell as cryptocurrency exchanges buy bitcoins from sellers because it is highly anticipated as well as very profitable. You can choose either a centralized or a decentralized online cryptocurrency exchange in order to sell off your bitcoins. The majority of traders prefer to go for a decentralized one, as it lets them exchange on their own terms and conditions. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted decentralized platform to sell Bitcoin at the current price then it is pretty simple and easy with this platform. You can sell off your cryptocurrencies in a few simple steps.


1: Just go to the main page, there you will see the current bitcoin price.

2: Enter the number of bitcoins that you wish to cash out.

3: Choose the payment method (e.g. PayPal, Cash) that you want to use to get paid.

4: Provide required details of your account details (e.g. in the case of PayPal, give Account ID).

5: After you are done, click on Order Now button for further process.

6: There you will come across the transaction invoice. The buying wallet details, the amount in BTC, and other related information are shown. Once your Bitcoin is received and notified, click on Confirm.

7: This will generate an Order Request.

8: Once the process is done and reviewed manually, funds are transferred to your account.


sell bitcoin for cash instant exchange btc to usd cash


5 easy ways to sell bitcoin fast

There is surely a wide range of digital marketplaces where you can sell bitcoins in a way that suits you the most. But before moving on to a specific method or platform, a few things need to be considered.

What are your requirements?

1: Easiest or Cheapest

2: Bank account or Paypal

3: Response Time

4: Type of currency that you wish to change your bitcoins into.

5: Anonymously or registered

Now, once you know your needs, then you can go for the best one out of many platforms. I am listing the 5 easiest ways to turn your bitcoins into physical cash.


Online Brokerage

This is a simple way to convert bitcoins to cash. You have to send bitcoins from your digital wallet to the exchange, after they receive your BTC, a request to make a withdrawal is made on your part. Then you get payment in your desired currency. This is pretty much a common way.

Example:  Bitcoinscashout, Coinbase, Binance, and Coinmama.


P2P Exchange 

If you don’t want to wait for a bit longer, then choose a p2p platform where you can set your own rates and find a buyer giving a competitive rate.

Example: LocalBitcoins, Paxful


Bitcoin ATM

These are physical terminals allowing you to buy and sell bitcoins for cash by using a bitcoin ATM machine. Currently, there are more than 25000+ ATMs installed in the world.


Anonymous Transaction

If you want to exchange bitcoin anonymously without going through all the long process of registration and verification and enjoy physical cash, then this site is your ultimate destination. There are no hidden fees and commissions.


Meet UP

The other way is to find someone in your social network or real-life circle, convince him to buy your bitcoins. Set some trade agreement, once both see eye to eye with all instructions and points, then proceed to make a transaction.


How to sell bitcoin on cash app

It is pretty straightforward to sell bitcoin via Cash App. Select the investing tab, then bitcoin. After that hit sell and provide any amount or provide a PIN or touch ID and then go for confirm


Bitcoin best marketplace for Nigeria

This company is also available in Nigeria. Confidently, convert your bitcoin to Nigerian naira and make a profit without paying huge fees. What is so alluring about this? It is free and anonymous. All you need to have is a digital wallet.


Best sites to sell bitcoin in Nigeria

There are many online exchanges available in Nigeria. A few of them are listed here.

1: Bitcoinscashout

2: Luno

3: io

4: Kraken

5: Local bitcoins

6: NairaEx

7: Bitcoin ATMs


Buy bitcoin in Nigeria with a debit card

You can easily and safely sell and buy bitcoin with a debit card in Nigeria. I hope you have a digital wallet and plenty of bitcoins in it. The next step is to find an exchange that lets you trade bitcoin via credit card. On this platform, you can instantly buy-sell, and buy bitcoins using a credit card or a debit card.


How much can I sell 1 Bitcoin for?

Well, it depends on the currency that you want to receive payments. Also, bitcoin is a volatile currency, its value keeps rising and declining. Every next moment you will get a different exchange rate. Currently, it is on the rise, and the best time to sell bitcoin to any of your desired fiat currency and make profits. Like, in America, to sell 1 Bitcoin for USD is different from cashout 1 Bitcoin in Euro.


Buy-sell cryptocurrency in Canada

BTC to CAD is no doubt, a popular currency pair after BTC to USD, among people who are indulged in the business of bitcoins in Canada as well as abroad. Mostly, people in Canada prefer to convert bitcoin to Canadian dollars anonymously. This company is offering great services in Canada, you can sell your Bitcoin to USD at the current market rate without any additional fees. The best part is, it provides a wide range of payment methods to receive your funds. The BTC to CAD calculator updates on a daily basis and by default converts 1 Bitcoin to Canadian Dollar in current market price, giving an idea of the Canadian dollar price in bitcoin today. It means you are one step far from turning your bitcoins to CAD. So what are you waiting for?

Exchange Now

Bitcoin to PayPal

PayPal is a worldwide online payment method, almost every one know it. We make the process of selling bitcoins with paypal more easy then every before. You can exchange bitcoin to paypal (btc to pp) with most secure company additionally instant service delivery. Our system facilitate you to withdraw cryptocurrency to multiple get paid methods online whatever is convenient to customers. It is new approach to sell and buy bitcoin with Paypal US dollar while protecting user's data, monitoring all transactions with artificial intelligence technology. You can also track your transactions in real-time and receive funds in speedway.

Coinbase to Indian Bank

Coinbase is popular digital currency exchange platform that works worldwide. Here you buy sell trade and transfer digital assets into other cryptocurrency etc. We are official partner of this company. We work as Bitcoins cashout, well known name in hassle free services fast transaction confirmation and coin dealer at best rate. You can get safe bitcoin wallet for free online and buy btc with cash then withdraw funds from coinbase to indian bank account in a second. Our website application will help you with liquidate funds into indian rupee, not only from coinbase but also blockchain wallet  Exodus Electrum Mycelium and others.

BTC to Western Union

Better exchange rate is common or major factor, people prefer to sell and buy bitcoin with western union. It is online money transfer platform supporting every country with speedpay money order. Sell crypto currency to receive MTCN tracking number instantly and cashout it near me agents. Get better rates via using promo code btc to wu converter system. Our network provide simple and easy methods to crypto community to trade as relax and comfortably. Now every investor can convert btc to wu cash pickup and collet funds via western union remittances & business deposits.

Blockchain to Bank Acc

If you are searching how to link my bank account to my blockchain wallet so we can help you to withdraw funds from blockchain to bank account any where worldwide. Create blockchain wallet login via mobile device, go to account send bitcoin to exchanger address, provide your checking account information and then you will be get paid instantly as best solution to unconfirmed transactions. This converter app allow you to send bitcoin to payoneer skrill perfect money transfer and more. Our services are best with blockchain technologies for remittances and international funds transfer.

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